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Garment Industry
Jean, knitwear, tattingbatch,down coat, underwear, glove
Sofa, office seat & chair
Furniture Industry
Headrest, armrest, door plank, air bag, Seat, ceiling
Automobile Industry
Backpack, suitcase, handbag
Luggage Industry
The enterprise has a professional product R & D team, manufacturing team and after-sales service team. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating production, R & D and after-sales.

Vidre e series and P series multi-layer automatic cutting machine, full servo drive, high efficiency and energy saving. The cutting bed is ergonomically designed, with simple user interface and shortcut key design, which is easy for the operator to use; intelligent multi task cutting saves time and effort; process oriented software management, real-time monitoring and recording cutting dynamics is convenient for maintenance and management. The cutting height of the cutting machine is from 50 mm to 90 mm to meet the needs of different enterprises. Yimaka multi-layer automatic cutting machine has the advantages of excellent cutting quality, high cutting efficiency, stable and reliable machine performance, and has a leading edge in the same industry.

Vidre multi-layer automatic cutting machine breaks the situation of over reliance on personnel technology in traditional production mode, realizes the perfect transformation from labor-intensive to intelligent automatic production, helps enterprises reduce the increasing labor cost, effectively improves 20% production efficiency, and perfectly combines high quality and high efficiency!

Vidre multi-layer automatic cutting machine is widely used in automatic cutting of clothing (knitting / woven, shoes and hats, bags), furniture (soft fabric, leather / imitation leather), automobile (interior, seat, airbag, foot pad), industrial materials (aviation / aerospace, wind power, glass fiber / prepreg, medical treatment). It is the best choice for you to improve the production quality and efficiency.

Since its establishment, vidre has always adhered to the principle of paying equal attention to product quality and customer service, encouraging employees to carry out technological innovation, constantly improving the production process, improving product quality and improving the product experience of users. The company adheres to the principle of "no professional, no post", and builds a team with excellent service, so as to respond to customer needs faster and more timely.

Over the years, yimaka people always adhere to the principle of "people-oriented, quality first, service first", encourage employees to carry out technological innovation, strengthen team cooperation, cultivate and introduce high-end talents, and finally establish a professional team. The company is looking forward to working with colleagues in the industry to make unremitting efforts to promote China's automation cause and lead the world!