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Full Auto Cutter for Automobile
    Publish time 2020-12-09 11:09    

E-Cutter Cutting While Advancing

Compare to other conveyor advancing systems,Emarker cutting system

can cut materials while conveyor advancing without any operation intervention.This

technology can reduce the cutting time,improve the cutting efficiency and optimize

your productivity.

E-Close Zero Gap Cutting

According to the statistics,every time the 1mm enlarged in pieces gap,the materials are

wasted 2%.For a better materials savings,E-Close Technology can improve the

materials usage with 0 buffer cutting.

E-Corrective Smart Correction

E-Corrective Technology can modify the cutting path constantly through the smart

stress sensor inside the pressure foot which also can reduce the contour deviation in the

piles of pieces.This special technology ensures the tolerance consistency between top

pieces and bottom pieces even under a high vibration condition.

E-Role Multi User Management

E-Role helps enterprise to classify the human resources with different authorizations to login the operation system.It

can streamline the operation process and from the other hand,it’s dedicated to the different authorized levels

to protect the technical information and method data to avoiding the business leakage of secrets.It also facilitates

the production management of different shifts.

E-Connect Software Compatibility

Emarker cutter operation system is compatible with all kinds of CAD formats in the world ,such as Cutfile,ISO6983,


Full Auto Cutter for Automobile