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What is woven fabric?
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woven fabric
Woven fabric looms are made up of yarns through warp and weft interleaving in the form of shuttle feeding. Their weaves are generally divided into three categories: plain, twill and satin, and their variations. This kind of fabric is firm, crisp and not easy to deform due to the interlacing of warp and weft. According to the composition, it includes cotton fabric, silk fabric, wool fabric, hemp fabric, chemical fiber fabric and their blended and interwoven fabrics. The use of woven fabric in clothing is in the leading position in the world in terms of variety and production quantity. It is widely used in all kinds of high-grade clothing. Due to the differences of styles, crafts, styles and other factors, woven garments have great differences in processing flow and technological means
When cutting woven fabrics, the equipment can be selected according to the following main points.
Is the cutting accuracy accurate? Are the upper and lower levels consistent?
Can the ideal number of cutting layers be achieved?
How many fixed points are needed during clipping?
Compared with soft and elastic knitted fabric. Woven fabric texture is hard, the power demand for equipment is higher!
After compression, the woven fabric has higher density, harder texture and higher power requirement
The higher the cutting power of the equipment, the higher the consistency of the cutting layers and the upper and lower layers. In the cutting process, the lack of power will lead to the deformation of the cutter and the inconsistency between the upper and lower cutting pieces (commonly known as bias cutter). Therefore, the equipment equipped with knife intelligence can improve this problem
The automatic equipment of cutting while walking does not need to be fixed many times, which greatly improves the utilization rate of the equipment. Compared with the semi-automatic cutting machine, the automatic cutting machine does not need to be equipped with a watchman in the cutting process, only needs to pick up pieces. Greatly reduce personnel expenditure.

The cut woven fabric can be tested according to three main points.
First, whether the cutting accuracy, the number of layers and the height reach the ideal state
Second, in the cutting process, is the cutting sound smooth and smooth
Third, in the process of cutting, whether the upper and lower layers are consistent
The equipment meeting the above conditions will bring more efficient efficiency and quality to the enterprise / company.