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What is automatic cutting machine?
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The multi-layer automatic cutting machine is mainly aimed at large-scale sewing industry. It is widely used in knitted fabric, woven fabric, composite fabric, industrial synthetic fabric, coating fabric, artificial leather, industrial fiber, etc. Its Application in clothing, hat making, aviation accessories, furniture, automobile decoration, luggage and handbag, yacht, tent umbrella, industrial fiber preform and other industries has been widely recognized 。
But not all automatic cutting machines are fully automatic. Oh ~ many small partners think that as long as computer cutting machines are automatic cutting machines, the concept will be fully automatic. So the editor volunteered to open a knowledge class
Semi automatic and fully automatic definition
Full automatic cutting machine: the automatic cutting machine can cut while conveying. There is no need for special personnel to watch the machine for secondary fixed point after the materials pass through the window, and there is no waiting time for the secondary positioning after changing the bed. Cutting while conveying effectively has the characteristics of one-time positioning of the fabric, cutting the whole page without stopping and waiting.
Semi automatic cutting bed: in the process of transmission, the semi-automatic cutting bed needs special personnel to watch the machine, and each time it passes, it needs to set a new point, and there will be time for people to wait for machines and machines.
Semi automatic cutting machine VS Automatic cutting machine
Under the same conditions,
Fabric saving
The automatic cutting machine does not need to stop the fixed point of each bed to reduce the fabric gap.
For example: the length of the typesetting fabric is 20 meters, and the semi-automatic cutting machine cuts 2 meters through the window, which needs to be fixed once,
In order to ensure the product quality and avoid lamination with the previous bed, when positioning, the operator will leave a 2mm gap from the fabric of the previous bed, resulting in fabric waste. Give examples according to the above conditions
increase of efficiency
The automatic cutting machine can cut while conveying. The whole process is continuous and there is no waiting for machines and machines.
Labor saving
Automatic cutting machine does not need special person to watch the machine, does not need to stop each bed fixed point, just need to pick up pieces, at least one machine per machine to watch the machine.
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