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How to judge the performance of cutting machine before purchasing it?
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No matter what we buy, we must know the technical level of the items we are going to buy, especially the large ones.
It is the most intuitive and reliable way to test the limit performance of the equipment.
The performance index of cutting machine mainly includes two aspects
1: Power two: precision
How to test the limit power of full (semi) automatic cutting machine?
It can be tested with a certain number of hard to cut fabrics
The shrinkage of denim and grey fabric is smaller than that of common fabrics, and the texture is compact and thick. In the process of cutting a certain number of jeans, if the power can not reach, it is difficult to cut.
For example:
About 100 layers of 11 ounces of denim are adsorbed, about 7cm. When cutting, check whether the cutting tool is smooth and whether the cutting sound is clear and crisp, so as to check whether the power output of the cutting machine is sufficient. The automatic cutting machine with abundant power will be able to cut other soft fabrics such as knitted fabrics with ease and ease. After mass production, cutting efficiency and stability will be greatly improved.
How to test the full (semi) automatic cutting machine
Limit accuracy
Of course, the more complex the picture is, the more difficult it is,
1: For example, symmetry sheet, sharp angle, inner circle, inner line, wave, drilling and so on.
2: Use more complicated arrangement, especially zero gap arrangement. Then you can try this figure test to see if ~ after the test cutting, check whether the lower upper and lower cutting pieces are consistent, whether the edge is neat, whether the cutting edge meets the standard, and whether the most important part can achieve zero gap arrangement, and whether the cutting quality is guaranteed.
The cutting machine with abundant power and accurate cutting will easily deal with various fabrics, graphics, typesetting and other working conditions in the subsequent mass production, and the cutting efficiency and yield rate will be guaranteed.