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What is cost utilization?
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The profit rate of cost and expense is the ratio of total profit to total cost and total expense of an enterprise in a certain period. The calculation formula of cost profit rate: cost profit rate = total profit / total cost × 100%.
The index of cost profit margin shows how much profit can be gained by paying one yuan of cost, which reflects the operating results brought by operating expenses. The higher the index is, the greater the profit will be, and the better the economic benefit of the enterprise will be reflected.
How to calculate the capacity and equipment utilization when purchasing large equipment?
For example - cutting bed
give an example
Red bean velvet 270g
Cutting layers: 64
The cutting machine is fully automatic, and the beam height is limited to 9cm.
Model fa-p90 equipment test
Capacity forecast
Unit cost (this table calculates the cost of a single set based on the above table: capacity forecast)
Fabric saving
The clothing is calculated based on the layout length of 20 meters, and the actual number of cutting beds per day is simulated by conversion. For example, the current typesetting length is 2.51 meters and the cutting time is 5.6 minutes. If the cutting time of 20 meters is 20 × 2.51 * 5.6 = 44.62 minutes, the number of cutting beds per day is 4.8 * 60 + 44.62 = 6.4 beds, that is, 7 beds.
The semi-automatic cutting machine cuts 2 meters through the window at a fixed point once. In order to ensure the product quality and avoid overlapping with the cutting pieces of the previous bed, the operator will leave a 2mm gap from the fabric of the previous bed during positioning, resulting in fabric waste.
(the actual cutting needs to be determined according to the actual situation.)
The automatic cutting machine with cutting while walking is selected for synchronous cutting, which will also give higher utilization rate.
Improve the quality and efficiency of the company's products and return a better return on investment.