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What is the cutting tool intelligence?
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Intelligent deviation correction to meet users' more demanding multi-layer cutting requirements
Intelligent high-speed cutter intelligent cutting system unique intelligent correction system can help the cutter head in the cutting process, constantly correct the cutting route, always ensure that the cutting knife is vertical, ensure the consistency of symmetry sheet and upper and lower layers, and accurately cut the ideal cutting piece. This technology perfectly solves the problem that the cutter is prone to deformation in the multi-layer cutting process of traditional mechanical cutting machine. More cutting layers, better consistency of upper and lower cutting, to meet the user's requirements for efficiency and effect.
Knife intelligence plays an important role in the cutting process
In the cutting process, the consistency of the upper and lower cutting pieces is fully guaranteed.
What role does knife intelligence play in the cutting process?
First: always correct and compensate the deviation cutting tool
Second, ensure the cutting accuracy and improve the cutting quality
Third, improve the cutting layer to ensure the consistency of upper and lower cutting pieces
The three main characteristics of knife intelligence are perfectly reflected in the cutting process.
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